Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Shibori and Printing

A friend came to play today. It certainly makes the waiting time pass when there is someone to talk to. It's fun to watch others create.

We started out with some "simple" shibori style. (Someone put me in my place today and said "that's just Tie-dye!" They don't understand!!.......................)

I bunched and tied mine in 8 places. I was disappointed at first. but it wasn't until after It had been rinsed and dried that the variation showed through.

Then we decided to "paint" with the dye. While my friend had a specific thing in mind, I just played.

Red. orange and yellow were the colours of the day so I started with a rather abstract design.

Later in the day I over-dyed it with blue.
Might stand some more work.

And then I wanted to try "stamping" with the dye.
My home made stamps worked very well. As with paint the secret is "less is more".

As I can never leave well enough alone, this was also over dyed with green, then blue.

I was very pleased with how the stamps held their own.

This needs a little more work. I'm thinking I want to push it towards brown.......

And of course because I can't throw away anything, I dribbled the remaining red, orange and yellow "paint" over a full metre, adding water to saturate and move the dye, then over dyed it with blue.