Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Painted Fabric Series 1

I decided to play today. While I love sharing my methods with my friends, I find that my own muse takes a backseat as I work to make sure my friends are having a good time and that they will go home with something they love.
Today, I wanted, first, to see if I could salvage a couple of "sow's ears", as well as "finish" one I wasn't happy with yet. ( I love crumbling the wet cloth.)

I reworked most of my pieces at least 4 times (dried and ironed) and the result was the reverse was just as interesting as the front, a paler, softer version. Some reminds me of marble.

This piece started as a "demo" cloth to show some of the effects that could be had with the paint in its concentrated and diluted states. After four more layers of reds, oranges and brown, its very usable, as is it's reverse.

My "pale" green piece also became much more interesting.

Some might argue that I lost the stamp definition, but I'm much happier with the new cloth.

 Now this piece of cloth now has some depth.

The reverse is just as vibrant.

Another I couldn't leave alone, was also "improved". It went from nice to NICE.

Yes it was usable. It would have made a great "sunset" jumping off point but....

so will the new version.............

                                    and so will the reverse. Awesome rock!

I did another orange/red piece....

       and its reverse..........

And then I finished the day with some "black"! Always a use for that palette.

Do I have any intended use for these pieces.
Not exactly............ but they will be used.
3:30 pm
Actually, I SOOOOOO liked the last one I made a full metre this afternoon.
I have plans for this baby.