Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Tweeking Dyed Fabric

My fabric is purpose driven. Unless I can see a specific use for it, I can't leave it alone.

In the early days of my quilting I wasn't really burdened that way, but I no long purchase anything unless I have a specific or urgent need.

So the two dyed and over dyed pieces from yesterday had to be "finished". I learned ( something new every time!) that there is a limit to how much dye you can apply to fabric. When the thread is saturated it can take up no more, so any additional dye baths or treatments just wash away.

PAINT to the rescue. I'm sure some dye people will wince but I'm delighted to blend these two mediums. As I'm using translucent paint the colour theory continues to hold.

Remember the stamped piece? Though I was very pleased with the method, it wasn't finished.

When I over dyed it with green the yellow stamps disappeared but the orange and red stayed strong. But it was a little dull.

Today I washed it with Black and scrunched it to dry. I love this look. Now this piece can stand alone as a background or be incorporated into another subject.

Not everyone loves this drama, but I do.

When I started this one I had no intention of leaving it either this bright or this colour.

The wash of blue did not do what I wanted, primarily as I had painted/applied the original dye lightly. Another over-dye of red didn't work so PAINT to the rescue.

A wash of Red paint with a bit of black incorporated into it, scrunched and dried, gave me a luscious piece reminiscent of deep red/purple maple leaves, a piece of cloth I've been working towards with other attempts. This one resonates and will work with the "almosts" to give a great variety of Autumn colour.
To bad this is just a FQ.

"Never give up, never surrender!"

 All manipulated cloths can be used even if the first result is not what you intended. (Anyone guess what campy movie the quote is from?)

( Check the comments for the answer )