Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dyeing on my Own

I had meant to do some serious work yesterday but the household was diverted with some medical stuff.
We're back, We're fine.
But I went ahead today in spite of all the conflicting instructions you can find on the internet.

I KNOW I should keep records of colour mixtures etc. but I'm still playing with technique. This is cheaper than the paint and today's tub dyeing is the most economical.

The first "blue" was a straightforward 2:1 mixture of blue and yellow, added separately and not stirred.
Hmmmmmmmmm nice!

The second piece I did "shibori style. This time I used and orange and a brown. Added separately from either end of the container.
Not bad either.

Tomorrow? Hopefully I'll get started early as we have company coming for the weekend.