Friday, 26 June 2015

Shibori Style?

We were late rising this morning. Still catching up on our sleep after our exciting Wednesday. I cleaned the house, made some sweets for my company this evening, chauffeured my hubby around for a while and STILL managed to get in some dyeing.

I went for the rushed shibori style this time, (rolled on a tube and tied, then scrunched) using what I could find on hand.
Amazing what a McGyver mind can find around the house. My limitation was the container for the dye. I ended up using a 2 litre pop bottle with the top  2 inches cut off.
Not terribly stable so that went into a pail and the pail went into a bucket. I really didn't want a blue garage floor.
Hubby suggested I try an alternate method where the soda ash is mixed in with the dye and the process takes just over an hour. That sounded reasonable.
So without further ado, here it is.

The definition isn't as clear as it might be. Tied too close? or not tight enough? I didn't have any indigo but my blue looks very nice, very usable.
The bottom edge is the top of the fabric that wasn't quite submerged in the dye. After a lot of thought I figured out the three vertical lines. I had wrapped a cardboard tube with a plastic bag. The lines are where the wrapping overlapped and formed a hard edge. Gotta get some ABS pipe.
We think it should have been darker. I'm not sure adding the soda ash at the beginning was correct. I'll continue to play.

Now its time to wash the floor.!!