Friday, 19 June 2015

Painted Fabric - 3

I was a little slow off the mark today. I didn't think the day would warm up enough to get the rapid drying I like. But it did!
I have quite a bit of fresh fabric and I have a number of things in my head that I intend to do.....
Which first?
Do I have all I want/need?
One thing my group of friends didn't want to do this time round was a dedicated background, It is something I've done before but there were a few things I wanted to try. It's easy to get a sharp edge with paint. It's done by using dry material. The paint doesn't move unless you push it, either with the applicator or water.

I'd seen a few interesting pieces so I thought I'd see if I could create a usable piece.

After adding and heat setting a light blue wash to the whole cloth, I dry brushed some purple hills.

Some green/brown hills, again dry brushed and heat set.

Green hills, dry set, water, sponge applied, and then "trees" dabbed on with the edge of a sponge brush.

Nice but a little dull, so I gave the whole piece a darker blue wash and crumpled it and set it to dry.

     Yes, I sat and watched paint dry,
                            ( well not really but that's the last piece.)

So now I have this on a FQ. A lot more is going on and other features are implied.

And what did I do while I "watched the paint dry"?
I made a piece of RED RED.

From the first pass of dilute pure colours

                     to this delicious FQ of RED

That's it for today!