Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Dear Jane or Suzy or Who Ever Can Hear Me..Have I Lost MY MIND?

As this is a quilting blog, I'm assuming most of you are familiar with the Jane Stickle Quilt. I heard about it like you, several years ago, when everyone was getting on the bandwagon.
I did not.
However it intrigued me and wouldn't go away and sat like a worm burrowing in my brain until one fine day I decided I wanted to do one!
But then the DARK SIDE over took me and told me I must do this quilt by hand TOTALLY. (I drew the line at weaving the fabric though it was about the same time my husband found me a loom.)

The Author of this BIG SELLING BOOK and DVD painstakingly reproduced the patterns from the 1863 beauty. About 3 years later I bought the book on eBay and was snared in the Dear Jane phenomenon. I dare say there are thousands out there.

But for what ever reason, my primordial brain insisted this quilt deserved better than the average treatment. No long arm. Well If I'm going to go that far how about hand sewn! (It's about here I began to question my sanity)

I laughed when I found this homily because its going to get worse before it gets better. You see, in about 2 years I've completed 80 blocks. There are 225. And now I'm thinking if I pick up the pace a bit I can have it ready for the 25th Anniversary Guild Quilt Show, next year.

I work part time as a supply teacher and usually have about 1 1/2 hours do a little hand work each day I was teaching. And to date that his been the ONLY time I have worked on this quilt. All the little pieces fit in a baggie in my bag. Sometimes a block was finished in a day, other times several weeks went by between my working on it. But I don't work every day. And life gets in the way.
But if I'm going to do this, that's got to change.

IF I do ONE block every day, I'll have it ready to assemble next Christmas.
But that schedule would cut seriously into the creative time for my art quilts.....and the hours I spend on the long arm. This is not a light decision, but It has to be made soon.

And then, QUILTING it by HAND. I've never done any quilting by hand. How long does that take?
Hence my question AM I CRAZY?

Just a few pictures of what I HAVE done. Some are stitched together and others are appliqued. No sign of the quilt police in my house.

I can be reached here if anyone thinks I need a frontal lobotomy.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Nellie's 7 Shirt Quilt

It is SO NICE to get back to sewing and quilting. After dealing with some issues it took me a few days to get my energy back. Just when I thought I might get sewing again, the weather said I HAD to address the garden and then I HAD to earn some money. Artists never get a break!

Though my friend had given me this quilt top almost 2 weeks ago, I'm astonished myself that I took so long, but its done.
Some lovely materials can be found by scouring thrift stores. These were all first class shirting materials and should make a durable quilt for the gentleman it is intended for.
Because of the material patterns, we decided simple quilting would be best. SID was a little too plain so I moved the stitching lines about 1/4 inch onto the materials. Just enough to make the point and secure the batting.
Such a cute pattern would adapt itself to any materials, of course. I can see it as a crib quilt as well.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Magazine Feature

It's almost an anticlimax to finally have a copy of the magazine article that features my winning quilt. I'm still pondering how a magazine dated April doesn't arrive in your mailbox till mid May.
But here is the article.
I'm still pleased and am thinking of entering again!!!!? Zowie I must get back to my sewing machine!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Past Presidient's Mystery Quilt

I had this quilt finished and bound about a week ago, but could not get a good photo in the house. The contrast with the dark fabric would not show in the poor light. AND the weather has been so abysmal I could not get a photo outside, until today.
So here it finally is.

It's rather a simple design. The charm squares are for the most part soft and pastel giving a high contrast with the charcoal background. I included a sketch of the quilting design; strands of bubbles interspersed with alternating bands.
This finished at 86" x 94". I guess I'll wait until I find a young man who would appreciate this on his bed.