Friday, 12 June 2015

Painting (when its raining outside)

Well that new enterprise was stopped cold by this weather.
But never say never.
I've been wanting to find a better solution for storing the diluted paint concentrate. I had been using "condiment "bottles from the $ store but the caps seem to disappear and they don't seal properly. There is a lot of mess.

So while I was renewing the primary paint, I switched it to water bottles. These have a really tight closing. I did like the squeeze bottles because you can be really spontaneous and draw with the bottle, but for now, I need organized and tidy.

I also used up some leftovers looking for a "nice" brown. ( It seems to be my theme this month.)
You can come at it from two directions,. adding black to orange or adding yellow to purple. (both of these use a lot of yellow paint; I need to order another litre).

Then I added both results to my "rusty" piece.

 Now  we're getting an interesting piece of cloth.