Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Three Bears - Final


Papa Bear was the most exciting for me to work, probably because I had not done this aspect before.
I had originally intended to cut the sky and have one more background piece to work with. But as he hung on my wall  I could see him as I worked the other two and I grew to like the whole more and more as time went on. The BIG sky, just seemed to go with the BIG bear. So he's done.

I had an issue with stitching through, let me think, 3 layers of poly suede (with fusible glue) , 2 layers of cotton all layered over a "quilt" of cotton, batting and canvas. I did break a needle. The markings on those needles are so small that I had to experiment with what I had to find one that would work. The Top Stitching needle was the only one that did.

So here are the "3 Bears" . Mama and Baby in the woods and Papa walking his territory.