Monday, 8 June 2015

Baa Baa Black sheep............


I got to thinking about other forms of media to present sheep. Well not sheep per se, but other ways of representing things.
One of my fabourite sources for graphic pictures are Celtic tattoos.
And they have sheep. Well. a Ram really, and I guess it's ARIES. But I thought I'd try this style.

This isn't large. The outline was stitched first and then the excess black cut away. I'm now in the process of Satin stitching all the edges. I'm thinking I should have chosen a black material with a tighter weave, or with this particular weave, fused the graphic to the background first. It remains to be seen if the edges remain too shaggy.

5:00 PM.. And then because it was raining every time I looked out the window.....I made a Bear.