Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Prepping for the Next Act

But the weather is being so uncooperative. If it isn't raining then the wind is too high. (+ the Tornado or severe weather warnings almost every other day........really doesn't make you want to set up tables in the backyard)

So I resigned my self to cleanup today.
I packaged the 9 pieces ( Bears, Sheep and Birches) and took them to the Post Office. This is still cheaper than FedEx or the other companies. $25 to mail 2.5 kilos of cloth to B.C. The only drawback is, it takes a week. ( I don't really sleep again until I know its arrived intact. Insure it? That's only as good as your ability to prove its worth.)

Then I started tidying my work space. I need the surface now to mix and sort paint.

I printed all the pictures of my recent work and placed it all in binders. ( It didn't help that I also decided to reorganize them at the same time.)

After the fabric was sorted into scraps, FQ, usable yardage and garbage, I was left with the thread.
I use ALL threads, anything that will work. I've got away from using embroidery thread as I've been able to collect a good selection of quilting thread colours.

And recycling? Even the CANDY BOX from Costco this christmas was put to use. (I knew I couold find a way to re-purpose it.) I've previously keep most of my thread jumbled in drawers and I'm trying to move away from that. ( And reclaim the storage? ) The large 5000m spools remain in the drawers but all the smaller stuff?
The bigger spools went into dedicated thread boxes but those little spools? Perfect!  (Nice selection of brown!!)

And finally all the garbage: the cutoffs, bits of batting and canvas, the paper, the thread, the broken needles and pins, the tissue paper, (the lunch leftovers), the quilting templates for one of a kind stuff. All in the bin 'cause its garbage night tonight.

So now MY space is clear. Bring on the paint.