Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Paint vs Dye

There can be no contest. It will always come down to personal preference and intended use.

This morning I made a duplicate "plaid" using paint. No it's not quite the same. I changed the order of the colour application and because I wanted to use the same applicator, there was a time lag that allowed the paint to set and start drying, while I cleaned the brush. That last pass with yellow, I ran short of paint.

Here is yesterday's dye,

                            And here is today's painted piece.

But the results are interesting. I will make these two FQ into a tote with each side representing a nice study in the medium.

Because I used dye that was dissolved in alginate, it was very spreadable on dry fabric. The paint less so. The alginate also kept the dye wet longer so there was more movement and colour mixing. The green and the purple on the dyed fabric were surprisingly more developed. Do I want to redo the exp. using wet fabric for my paint? No, I think I'll leave this experiment where it stands.