Sunday, 7 June 2015

Here's the Flock of Big Horn Sheep

If 3 make a flock?

They're all different.
The last two I didn't bind. I did an envelope finish. They lost most of their background so the feature stays with them.

This first one is in keeping with the original image, cotton fabric, floating on a vague background.

This one, using upholstery material, sits on the edge of the road?

And the last boy, suede material is reversed and back in the rocks where he belongs.

Constructing the horns was fun. Just the smallest piece of dark netting establishes a shadow without weight. The muzzle on the first is the most realistic.
These are all small, only roughly 10x10. Until I find a view that's a little more exciting? I don't think I'll make them much bigger.
So for now...............