Friday, 9 April 2021

Deer Park Workshop

This video is for the part of the workshop which I will not be covering on the actual day. 

It would have simply been too long to attempt this and a second art piece on the same day. It's deceptively simple but a lot of time is used in the deliberate placement of pieces. So as not to make this video overly long I only installed about half the trees that it needs to really fill it out.

Lots of scope for individuality here.


Friday, 2 April 2021

Deer Park - Version 2

 Four years later......... original March 2017

So I finished this piece today with a few more stills. I have enough video now that I can spend a day tweaking that lesson. There are a few omissions from the original, (trees), but the ladies can alter this as they like. And it needs a final pass with micro meandering over all the yellow/gold.

This weekend I will finalize and send out the materials list. Now that I've worked through these pieces again I have more info that needs to be included. Then I can start filming the Birch Grove.

I will say, I do love the silhouette of the Doe and Fawn in this imaginary forest. (Fused to prevent fraying, stitched and anchored under black netting)

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

One Month Later

Well exactly one month has past since I last opened this blog. It was busy with all sorts of things from family to health issues to Covid shots and yes creating.

There are several things coming up. Once I decided on the order of priority things always seemed to go smoother. Believe it or not I couldn't move forward with my art until I settled the irritation otherwise know as Robert's Stag. I considered everything from covering it over with branches and other shrubs in order to conceal the fact that it wouldn't lay flat. The stag's body was distorted and rippled in all the wrong places.

In the end I stitched contour lines, enough to tame his wayward girth! No one else seemed to be bothered but I lost too much sleep over it.

 Now I feel I can ship it out to the intended owner, my brother in law, Bob.

After that I could finally turn my thoughts to the trunk show For the Grand guide in Fergus. Covid made this a year overdue. By then, doing things via Zoom and PowerPoint became the norm so it was sink or swim with that one.

By all reports everyone was very pleased even though I was plagued by the internet devil and lost my connection a couple of times. Seems it happens more often than I suspected. With everyone home, traffic is really heavy. At least that's the explanation I'm going with.

So now I'm staring a Workshop via zoom in the face and after that experience with my internet connection I wasn't really happy or confident about trying to maintain a 5 or 6 hour connection. So a short consultation with the IT/zoom host if the Brampton guild we decided I would prep the presentation and send it to her to run from her machine to her guild.

But as I started to work that out in my head, stills, short youtube bits, I came to the conclusion I would have to do what I really had been trying to avoid...remake the piece they were asking for. Deer Park.

So after rebuilding the 'studio' in a more compact and Logical way (to me anyway), I started filming today. After it's all complete then I can edit it down to instructive bits that I can talk over and about. Seems pretty straight forward now. And I have a full month finish it.

(Oh and BTW that's the morning program...we're starting a second one in the afternoon session....)

Today I started remaking Deer Park. This is no longer in my possession but thankfully I have LOTS of photos for me to work from and can reconstruction the steps and the order. Today I finished the first layer up to netting and pinning for the first and biggest thread work, anchoring all the organza and thread.

It's half pinned. Getting to this point took a few hours. I can stitch whenever I get a chance over the next few days as there is no rush.

When you've made all the decisions it's much easier to relax and enjoy the work. 

Oh and then there's the Art Exhibition I've arrange for my art group at the public library, May and June, but that's another story.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Two Ravens - Final

 Even though I liked the burst of colour from the yellow leaves they were drawing the eye away from the Ravens. Using a very thin blade I cut away all the 2 mm satin stitch and replaced them with a duller version.

Now the eye can see the Ravens.


Friday, 26 February 2021

Two Ravens - assembled

There are a number of things to be considered before I pronounce this finished. The birds need eyes. I'm considering beads? or sequins+.

I really didn't address the unquilted sky........Hmmmmmmmm

and maybe the yellow leaves are wrong. (That's an easy fix with paint and for another day.) I do think it's a definite improvement. 

BTW I had been having trouble placing these guys because of the feet of the lower one. I usually advise the feet be added during assembly. Fortunately I accidently? cut off one of his feet so I was able to reposition it when I stitched them to the background. 😊

I have to dis-assemble my studio tomorrow as there are a two customer quilts arriving.....

That will give me time to plan the next video.