Sunday, 10 June 2018

5 Wooly Bears - Final

All these panels measure approx. 9 x 12. The bears are all the same size 5 x 6.

Somethings are easier to do when you're working much larger. This size was no problem for thread painting. but maybe not the easiest for needle felting.
But they're done and bound and off to BC tomorrow.
Here they are in their LANDSCAPE sequence.

Teddy Bear's Picnic

I finished these 5 Bears yesterday but decided last night some needed a bit of tweaking.
It was as simply as moving the eyes or balancing the colour.
They are all different.
This is the truth about doing multiples. Even if  you start with the same outline, the same materials and use the same techniques...they will be different.
Some I like better than others. You will too.

Today I'll give them a traditional binding. They are small enough they don't need a full sleeve.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Wooly Bear Series - Day 2

Today is background day.
After placing the mountains and hills, it's time to add some colour.

We buy a lot of fabric but I don't think many buy fabrics just to fussy cut.
These two fall into that category. While they would add some interest to a bed quilt that was not their purpose when I brought them home.
A layer of evergreens and then some autumn colour.

I started leaving a gap for the bear. Why waste the material?
I soon gave that up.

After measuring, I sliced the strip into five 9.5 inch pieces.
I'll finish each piece now before I place the bear.while.

I've left the bottom of each as I haven't decided whether to bury the feet of the bears in water or grass.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Wooly Bears in Series

While my Cave Bear is finished, I'm going to hang on to him for a while.
I need some smaller versions to send to my sister, so I went back to a template I used for the thread painted bears and traced it onto black cotton.

I decided to dispense with the stabilizer as these are much smaller.

A hour's work with the simplicity machine gave me the base and I then I needled the edges roughly in place before I cut them apart.

They will be finished when I personalize each bear.

I'm making 5

I've learned that making multiples gets very tiresome and mind numbing so I took a page from a Art teacher whose wedding I attended almost 30 yrs ago.
She wanted to give a piece of her art to all her guests as a Wedding Favour. Rather than painting 50, she painted one long panorama and sliced it up.
That's what I decided to do.

So here's the background. It's about half done. Each piece will end up being approximately 9"x12" Working it once is going to be much easier than working it 5 times.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Felted Bear - Final

Here's Cave Bear.
The wool tags were needle felted into place after the body was filled out. I quilt finished the entire background and then machine stitched the bear 'onto the cave wall'. This order was necessary as it's no longer possible to needle felt. At this point the density simply breaks needles.  30"x25"