Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Such a Busy Time of Year

Has it really been almost 2 weeks?
After such a long dark winter I guess it was natural to move out into the Spring sunlight and not want to come back into my basement studio.
Some spring gardening chores can't wait so when Nature gives the sign, it's a race again the clock to get things done so that you're not interfering with or damaging the beds. I have very full perennial beds in both sun and shade so there is a lot of baby sitting to do in May.

We also made a couple of forays out into the local woodland trails to catch Spring with my new camera and I did manage to get some wonderful photos without trying. Some of the material will reappear in my art.

Such a show of Trillium this spring.

A few years ago I picked a handful of 'forget me not' s from an abandoned civic area and now I just toss the spring remains into the empty corners knowing they will brighten the day next year.

I thought the tulip bed would be gone in a flash but a spell of cool weather has given them a long show.

 These lovely dwarf iris have a lovely but brief show each year. They only last a day or so.

But the blowsy and cheerful Bleeding Hearts will be around for quite a while. I'll spend part of the summer reining them in again and banishing all their children from various corners of the other beds.

And of course one of the main joys in the garden are the birds. The first of May I put out my feeder and the 3rd of May I received a visit.

I have four feeders but they still squabble all day.
And my year round crowd change their dress for the season .

But with all the feeders I maintain all year I have some other visitors as well. Just a tad messy they are, but still part of the scene.

There are a lot of others but I don't always have my camera within reach. I'll capture them sometime.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Finishing a Piece............. a Year Later- Cardinal Pair

I started the Cardinal pair a year ago last March. Even though I bound it and showed it, I was not happy with the balance. So I sat on it.

I had added leaves, cut them off and then left it for a year.
It wasn't until I went walking with hubby in the park I finally realized how to finish this piece.

The missing item were the feathery flowers on the maples.

So this piece evolved, from awkward buds and leaves

to  nearly naked branches

and finally to Spring 2018, lots of content and better weight.

Three single strands of embroidery floss, different shade of green, were threaded through the tiny bud. Each is about 2+ inches long so they fall, float and flutter the way they should. 

NOW this pieces is finished.
A year is not to long to get it right.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The 3 Sisters - Final

All these needed was contouring.
I covered each with netting and then using the 'rock' colour as a guide, added some highlights. The trees were lightly traced to add dimension to the foreground.
The light sparkle in the trees is the netting and the mono filament thread.
I bound these with a wrapped facing primarily because I couldn't decide what colour to use as a binding!
A nice job to finish the hand stitching in the spring sunlight.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Gramma Day

With lots of different things going on this week, I decided today, I would just retire to my sewing room and make a couple of hats for my grandson.
I found a very easy pattern on line and made two reversible hats in two sizes. He's growing fast and at seven + months, you just never know what will fit. So I made one for 6 to 12 months and one for 12 to 18. Either way that should see him through the summer and if he winters south at all this year, he's still got a stylish hat to wear.

And when I finished and came back up, I discovered we'd had a violent wind storm go through, 100 km winds, shingles torn of every house that I can see, including mine.
I didn't hear a thing.
Ah .....the oblivion of focused creativity.!

And because I was given this cute Bug fabric, I had to make one more.......because hats get lost, blow away and left behind.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Albert Cote Workshop

My UFO list has grown again thanks to some landscape work and two workshops from the last two days. A local talented Fibre Artist and quilter, Albert Cote gave a "rug" class at our guild in Guelph.

While this is not a new technique it was much larger than I had attempted before. A few technique tweaks made the process a little easier and improved the design process.
I caught photos of almost all the samples. There is a lot to do to "finish", but as usual I was impressed by the variety of fabric and design choices.

There were a few like myself who were not ready to commit 5 large chunks (20"x36") of REALLY NICE fabric to an unknown project, but after seeing the results and the potential in this exercise, my next one will be more exciting.

The first three photos are process. After stacking smoothing and stitching all around the "rug" to anchor the 5 pieces, a design was drawn and then stitched. The remainder of the day was cutting into the layers to reveal the different colours.

This one, mine, shows a hint of my default topic, Botanics. But I did finish the cutting. There is still a lot to be done, the quilting and washing to fray it and then any embellishing I decide to add.

Enjoy the rest. A lot of very talented and colorful work here.

Until I finish this one.....................