Saturday, 29 September 2018

Royal City Quilt Guild Show 2018

This was not a Juried show. This was a deliberate decision on the part of the guild. There were a number of sensitive members who would not put their quilts into a show where they would be criticized by strangers. This decision actually increased the number of entries by almost a third.
Our new locale also increased the traffic so even at this time, the end to day 1, it has been a very successful show.

I did not photograph all of the quilts and indeed none of the art quilts, or minis. There were too many.
The light wasn't always the best either. I chose to photograph bed quilts I found outstanding or definitely different.
If you're in the area the show is also open tomorrow at the Puslinch Community Centre in Aberfoyle.
And mine are not featured. You've seen them enough times.


3 Dimensional Baltimore

Guelph was the birthplace of John McCrea the author of "in Flanders Field"

Cross stitched whole cloth quilt

most likely the winner of Viewers Choice

Christmas Stockings

I had a request for the pattern for these stocking. I was remis in including it along with my original post. The pattern as written makes a LARGE stocking . I generally drop my needle size to 10/11
Add a bell to the toe. This is a pattern my mother used over 70 years ago, so I'm confident there is no copy rite worry here. They knit up quite quickly. Enjoy.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Lovely Blue and White

This quilt is too late for the show but it's intended as a wedding quilt for my friend's son. The fabrics a mixture of prints, some batiks, some paisleys, and some tropical. I just loved the colour on this simple but oh so stunning King size quilt.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Side tracked....Again

When we were children, my mother knit the whole family Christmas stockings. That expanded, of course, to include all her family, cousins, our own children, in laws, step children and now grandchildren. Not all of us knit anymore but with the birth of our grandson I decided a fitting First Birthday/pre-Christmas gift would be a set of stockings for my wonderful step daughter, her husband and now our first Grand.

And of course my sister nudged me to quick make a set for her two new grandsons. She passing through in about a month so that's plenty of time to whip up 2 more stockings.

Have to go hunting now for 5 Jingle Bells to sew on the toes. Merry Christmas! ( Sorry )

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Quilts Ready for Show

I honestly thought six months was a pretty generous time  period to hand quilt this, but I guess things got in the way.

But it's finished one week before the collection date.

If you're in the Golden Horseshoe area our Quilt show is the 28th and 29th of this month in the Aberfoyle Community center. Royal City Quilters Guild.
In addition to this one I'm also showing my Jane Stickle Quilt, also hand quilted, and my needle felted Grizzly.

Label and hanging problem.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

End of Summer

I finally have a little time to breathe. It's been a long time since I've posted anything, a month? I think. Not quite.

The SAQA show in Burlington has closed. I'm delighted to say that one of my pieces was chosen to travel.

Deer Park
But ....... then it sold.
My other entry will travel in it's stead, for two years, around Northern Ontario.

Forest Violets
There is always a pang when something you're fond of sells, but then, as I tell my friends, I have more wall space to show something new.

An old favourite I had gifted to my sister in BC has gone to Taiwan. I had told her to place an 'impossible' price so it could remain in her home .....but it sold this summer.

I've worked on a few quilts for others, leading up to the Guild Show the end of this month.


I finished the hand quilting on my Snow Days. Picture to come when the weather is nicer. 😅

I haven't touched the Bears. But my Grizzly also did some traveling. A SAQA friend ask to borrow it to use in a presentation she was giving to another group about felting. I think he's coming home today.

SO, today I'll throw a 'wedding' quilt on my LA frame and then work on the binding for the Guild Show quilt. The show is the Sept. 29 & 20.

It's going to be another week before I can return to my bears.

(But nothing will get done if I don't get moving. Bye!)

Friday, 7 September 2018

Planning and Timetabling

Well it's only 110 days until Christmas...(sorry)
But well over half that time is required to perfect and finish........................


Earlier this week, there was a 25% off sale at the baking supply store. Even with that discount the cost of the candied fruit, cherries, peel, pineapple, ginger and nuts came to over $50. (Hubby paid for the Rum.)

As these take about 4 hours to cook, I was waiting for a break in the heat to turn on the oven. I ran out last year so I doubled the recipe, but that meant I had to enlist hubby to do the final stirring of the 10 lbs or so of cake and fruit batter.
But they're cooked. After letting them finish cooling I'll triple wrap them in plastic wrap, douse them in Rum and bury them in cookie tins in the coolest part of the house until at least .....Thanksgiving?
(That's what the small loaf is for....... taste testing!)

(ALMOST finished the quilt............Maybe this weekend will see it ready for binding.)

Saturday, 1 September 2018

The Quilts of Ken Burns

Came across this today.
Do you share your treasures with others? your Guild members?
It makes you wonder how many other treasures are hidden away.
Paste the link and Enjoy.[0]=68.ARA13D0hB8BtG2CpwjDI3lF1TmGn1vcsiy3el0-O_gEvUBC1fdAWg0AfB8pwJWUkDOwd3OJgs5DafMfX4O8TCzSpK-sDe_qlduKIJzVlmUPx2toh2k_76Y98nnCkabn7DF-aDf-QOPjgzIkOItxu1Rk9QM0WoviYKshIlLz3PQKdkFQxlAFYpQ&__tn__=FC-R&fb_dtsg_ag=AdxDAsWMXYOoq5omqxRCZIfXX956Qj8gQRB9qiMBjshkkw%3AAdzW-pgrOaRhIBpU37FVG76VjySnpin2RTFuC5BMH4zYGw