Monday, 22 June 2015

Painted Fabric - My Journey to the Dark Side

It was a lovely day so while I was waiting for hubby I painted a whole metre of fabric. Two passes, using a thinner version the second time and crumble drying, I ended with a nice interesting piece of blue.

Then it happened................He arrived with the DYES. (Actually, he's been wooing me all week.)

I had rejected dye a year ago, because of all the fuss and restrictions.
He took care of all that.
I didn't want something I had to use in a limited time.
He took care of all that by premixing some of the ingredients that can be held.
I really didn't want to work with something where we had to wear gloves.
That one, we threw out the window. Someday our hands will come clean. LOL

I went to the dark side today and I painted with dye.

We worked only with the primaries today, First I made "plaid" to see how the colours would mix.
(Now I'm trying to think of something to make from this FQ.)

Then I "painted" with dye. Almost as slick as paint, but. oh my..........COLOUR.

It is a little more fuss and bother, but.........................
I WILL do this again.