Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Painted Fabric - Batch Painting

One of the things I do a lot of is cameos of little birds. Chickadees, Finches etc.
It's the kind of thing I can mass produce. I'll sit down at my Juki and thread paint 4 or 5 birds at a time.
I wanted something universal to use as a background so I wouldn't spend more time fussing than the time it took to make the thread painting.

So 16 backgrounds was my goal this afternoon. That's a metre of cloth.

Using the folds as a guide, I painted 16 blobby bits of sky.

Each was edged with more or less yellow to give a bright green to the edge.

So here's the distribution. They're all different, but the same.

After adding various shade of green using several techniques, brush, sponge, and stencils this cloth was ready.
Between each application it was dried and ironed. I spent 4 hours this afternoon "watching paint dry".

Then they were evenly chopped.

So I have 16 backgrounds ready for when the "bird" mood strikes me.