Monday, 29 June 2015

Using the Painted and Dyed Panels

I knew a few days ago I would make some sort of bag from these two. The painted panel comprises one side and the dyed panel is the other side.
I found a pattern I liked in Susan Briscoe's book, " 21 terrific patchwork bags ". These panels aren't patch work but the are that's close enough.

It took the two full FQ. The strap is pieced from the leftovers and it's lined with leftovers from the guild challenge.
(Very environmentally conscious.)
( My husband has trouble with my attitude, that I'm not going to make/dye/paint something unless I have a use for it. Maybe not a true adventuresome Artist's mind but...)

This design is called a Tea Bag purse...I wonder why? LOL
Perfect summer bag!
Perfect NEW summer bag.