Sunday, 1 January 2017

Winter Brook - Day 2 - New Year's Polar Bear Swim?

I had this half complete yesterday but I was getting too tired for the fine cutting.
Today, New Year's Day, I finished the brook itself.

In retrospect, batiks are a good choice for this because they are more tightly woven than other fabrics. This meant the interior cuts were very exact with no fraying.

The second tracing was used to line things up.

Now for the snow!
At this point I decided to ready the tree trunks. They need to be stitched into snow. I NEVER use this tool for binding but it works fine for hemming in the edges of small pieces.

I made about twenty using two compatible scraps. Each is no more than 8 inches long, most of it is covered in fir boughs.
I just closed my eyes and picked for the final decision on the snow colours. White, a blue and a grey.
After tracing the snow, reversed onto freezer paper and coding the edges (so I could match them again!), I ironed the pieces on, cut them out and then as the final act of the day.....matched them.

I knew if I didn't match them today, I would probably have a much harder time tomorrow.