Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Work - Summer

Time to stop messing around.
I didn't realize how tired I had been until I tried to start creating again. It certainly can't be forced and it's something I have to enjoy while I'm working.

Starting is always the hardest part. Today was the day.
SO here it is another gem from the Internet.

Even before I finished the two yellow Autumn Birch pieces in November, I had this one posted as my screen saver. I've since cropped it a bit to rid it of the heavy, solid edges.

This makes it a lighter version. Only about half those trees are going to make it into the final.

I spent a long while thinking about the dark centre. It's contains some small evergreens. It is very important to maintain the depth in this scene. Did I want to retain them? How was I going to do them? Though I'm not completely sure, I committed to the dark region in my background base.

This is always an opportunity to move some of those slow moving fabrics from your stash. Colour is the only consideration. This is starting out as a metre square. That may change.
After tidying up all those bits an pieces from the past couple of weeks, getting the baby quilt ready for the mail and actually laying this out, I spent another hour cutting confetti. This will use a lot.

These are my initial fabrics choices. All are either batik or my hand dyed yardage. Colours are solid but for the large batik and all are the same front and back. I don't have to pay too much attention on how they're placed.

A small section of each was cut at a time. I have to make sure that I have enough of the colours I've chosen so I don't run out before I finish this.

So I have a nice progression of colours here. The mixed batik will serve as a "front line "transition from the background fabric.
And believe it or not.......getting this far has taken me most of the day.

I need to think some more about the evergreens. Tomorrow is soon enough to start laying colour.
( Actually I have to shovel snow.  Think Spring ......only 10 weeks! )