Sunday, 22 January 2017

Summer - Day 12

As I'm undecided what and where I want to place accent leaves I went ahead and bound this piece. To make a simple self binding, a "border" piece is attached and completely folded to the rear and anchored. This gives a clean edge with colour right to the margin.
I will add as a caution, you do need a sewing machine with some punch and you can/will break some needles at first.

Additional stitching can go right through the wrapped material with no harm.

I auditioned a group of fabrics for my "star" leaves and found my stash lacking. This morning a painted a few samples using green Seta colour transparent paint.

Top to bottom.. a piece of the white bark material, a piece of light green batik I had used for leaves and bottom, a lighter coloured solid green.
These are all showing the intensity of colour I'm looking for.

Then what does hubby say..... "Why not throw in some flowers"...............
Now I'll monkey mind that for days!