Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sunrise - Day 4

I thought I might finish this today, but alas, no.
We had a cookie crisis and I was compelled to bake first thing this morning. (Oh the pain!)
I'm a granola gal but hubby likes his homemade raisin oatmeal cookies. What's a girl to do. So now he's got at least 4 dozen. That should get him to Valentines Day.

As for the trees....there were so many fine edges on this cutout I decided to go with Satin stitch for security, all around and also to define the branches. I was very pleased with my new machine. It gave me a  nice tight 1mm satin stitch with no issues. (Hurrah)

I also decided to make the bottom half solid black. I cut away the organza and the navy fabric underneath and slipped in the same black material as the trees. Some fussy stitching and the trees will appear as sentinels on the rocky mountain.

I finished one.