Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A Tree...........(what else?)

I will eventually decide on a name for this one as it evolves. This is another image that's hovered on the fringes. The method of construction came to me about a week ago. (Our Fibre Arts group is meeting tomorrow and we are supposed to be doing some 3D felting......we'll see.........)

To give this piece life I decided to embellish it with felting. (I've only owned the machine for a year..!)
I played this morning.

Then I went off to the store for more suitable yarn. And as a bonus I came back with the background fabric. It's actually interfacing for tailoring, but I loved the subtle markings and colour.

Here's this original picture, a water colour or even a print. Love it!

Starting with the tree trunk I twisted about 5 different yarns and a few pieces of skinny cloth together and felted it to the background.

I was going to continue felting the branches but I was losing the kinks and twists as the felting tightened the yarn. Plan B...layer it on, cover it with the "leaf" material and catch it when it was sewn down.

The material I'm using will lose all it's detail with the embellishment, but it always makes me laugh. I call it my "broccoli " material. Of you look closely it's really bunches of Tulips.

I stopped here.

The green material is "glued-sticked" on and the whole is covered with netting. After stitching ALL the netting will be cut away.