Thursday, 5 January 2017

Quilt for Cohen

I had another Grand-nephew born shortly before the holiday. It's time I sent them a gift as I did for Cohen's older brother and sister.
(By the time my own grandchildren come along I should be an expert at this!)

I found this deceptively simple quilt on Pinterest and this morning I drafted it in my EQ6. I decided on 16 inch blocks. There was no other info.

The rainbow layout is a given but I'm undecided on the background. It would necessitate my GOING SHOPPING. I do have a lot of white but how impracticable is that? I do have a lot of black but while it would be stunning, I'm not really sure about it's reception. It's a LOT of black.

It didn't take me too long. And I think these fabrics will do nicely. Certainly not Rainbow and not traditional but then it is coming from Great Aunt Mary! That should say it all!

The afternoon was spent cutting. I caught myself in time to reverse three of the blocks, just a matter of flipping the pattern. I put one block together, and it went smoothly, ( you just never know with home made patterns ). The remaining, I'll finish tomorrow.