Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Summer - Day 2

( Yes.. I renamed the file..summer seemed more apropos.!)
A good morning's start.

All of the multi batik was scattered, in bunches. First ,it was placed to soften the edge between the light and dark materials and then I placed to to imply density in both the top and some in the bottom.
These pictures are all taken with the cloth laying on my worktable, not ideal but other than a light tack spray, nothing is attached.

The batik tones down or covers the yellow and orange in the background fabric nicely.
I also added slim trunks, full 6 strands of embroidery floss ( 3 colours ) and then some cut pieces of black thread for branches.

Another light misting of tack and about half of the lighter colours were placed slectively, to "complete" a "tree".

This is still all background and it goes together very quickly.

In the afternoon I tackled a few evergreens. I have no idea how many I'm going to insert. The longer I look at the photo I think the dark area is a result of a rock face rather than the evergreens. ????

Standard method here, tulle or netting in a hoop. I like to use a darker colour in the bobbin to add a little interest and break up the mono colour. I did 5 altogether. That's enough for today.

These just "stuck on" and almost disappear, but they do peak through.
As a final act at the end of the day, I rolled a layer of tulle over the whole piece and pinned it well so I could hang, photograph and "see" it properly for the first time.