Saturday, 28 January 2017

Long but Productive Day

I woke up this morning with all kinds of solutions. Unfortunately? it was only 5:00 AM.
I got up anyway, turned on the coffee and went over a number things in my mind. A lot of it was for another project but I did start in nice and early.

I got myself into a little trouble right off the bat. I'm always torn between leaving raw edged, fused applique plain and unadorned. Trying to thread paint it can lead down a dark and dangerous path. It did today.

I started off fine matching colours to the first section of hills, but I soon became aware that I was woefully short of purples. This was rapidly turning into a "dog's breakfast". Against my original decision, I went back to organza and after trying a few different colours I choose a dirty gold. It tamed the colours and gave the "hills" a misty feel. Perfect after all!

I had originally thought to create a tree from yarn but instead went with some silhouettes. I chose to add two groups for a total of 5 trees. These were enlarged from their original photo to fill the scene. Then it took close to 3 hours to cut them out from fusible web backed black fabric.

Here they are auditioning.

On a whim I cut as small piece of orange organza and nestled it onto the horizon. It may stay.
So now at 2:30 PM, I think I'll stop for the day.