Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Summer - Day 8

I got the day correct this time!!

Finding time to work on this piece while juggling the rest of your life isn't always conducive to a lot of progress.
I was out at 8 AM to have my hair trimmed. It's a 2 hour round trip and I drive 50 miles to a woman I love.. Women do these things.
When I returned I found an email link to a Show and Sale in TO this summer. My step daughter is putting a lot of pressure on me to participate in this. She has just finished revamping my business cards and creating a Post Card? as well.
Working my way through the application took around an hour. I was asked for samples of my work. How do you choose?

By the time I finished I needed coffee. Two cups and a sandwich later ( stress makes me eat ......well almost everything makes me eat!) I finally headed down to my space.

There is a lot yet to be done and because my head wasn't clear, I immediately got lost in detail. That's dangerous?...and can lead to unnecessary work, work that will be covered or even wrong.
What did I do?
Well I had had an idea last night in bed so I threaded some "branch" twine on a big needle and slipped a  yard of the material under the tree fabric. This is definitely more secure than butting it up to the edge.
In a few places I clipped a few stitches ( the point of using blind hem stitch ) and inserted narrow pieces of a fabric under the larger trunks, as small branches.

Then I made 3 tree/shrubs. And stopped.
The foreground is my next hurdle, but as I was coming up for more coffee I mentally solved the colour issue. Tomorrow I get out my dyed cheese cloth to tame that yellow foreground.

Here are the three trees. Can you find them in the whole piece?