Friday, 20 January 2017

Summer - Day 10

This was not really a full day. I spent the morning receiving some new furniture. That meant cleaning and rearranging other furniture and art. That takes a lot of energy. There is so much emotion involved. LOL ( Hubby and I don't always agree on position and order etc, let alone art!)

To salvage the day I did 3 things.
I measured and readied batting and canvas backing. It's time.
I have read that a number of artist forgo batting. If its not being entered into a quilt show it's not necessary. I chose to add it because of the size of the piece. The edges need stabilzing and it needs a little heft to hold it steady.

The second thing I did was to add some branches with embroidery thread. These will have leaves dedicated to them. I thread the full 6 strands through the boles of a few trees as they would erupt from the bark.

The third task was to turn the trees from cloth to bark. I felt it was necessary to add more intense black, more so than the initial painting has created. On a birch tree the black markings on most of the trees are associated with branch growth and loss or damage. In some areas I used paint to darken the grey but in a number of spots I used a simple black marker. When you want black.........

I included a picture of the before (yesterday) and after (today) to show how much it changes the flavour of the scene.