Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Autumn Birch - New Work

So the deck is cleared.
After making the birch fabric AND baking and freezing a couple of apple strudel, I can spend the next few days getting this guy off the drawing board.

What I love about this is the riot of intense yet soft colour. There is just enough orange and red to keep it alive and the green at the bottom grounds the whole thing. This will be fun.

I went thru my fabric this afternoon and hauled out most of the yellow. When I see them next to the picture I can see I might not have enough gold.

The four pieces at the back are painted. The drawback to those, is, if I use them as foliage, each leaf needs to be singly placed with tweezers. The grouping at the bottom are either dyed or commercial cloth with a good colouring thru and on the back. Using these as foliage is a simple a sprinkling confetti!
A neutral beige will suffice for the base.

So lots to do.
AND when I get stumped.....I have another quilt on the frame.