Saturday, 10 September 2016

Has it Been a Week?

It's been a busy one.

I finished the quilt I had started from my IPM winnings. The extra blocks went into the backing. The quilting took me a while as I got a little diddly with the squares but it's now finished and bound.

A few hours another day finished this donation quilt for the guild. 

What else was I doing to take up all my time?

It's canning time and I discovered, once more, my role of "gofer". Though I have left the urge behind, to can and make jams and preserve all kinds of things, hubby has embraced it fully. And as the internet is his world authority guide, I just nod my head and fetch! I did persuade him to move the process to the garage. There isn't any less mess, of course but I can close the door a little more easily.

And.....between fetching and carrying.......I started another quilt.
I had escorted some friends to this "new for us" fabric outlet on Thursday and I had the prefect excuse to BUY.
I had convinced my niece to host a small reunion of her "aunties" next month. My younger sister is flying in from BC, my niece's mother will drive in from Ottawa and the three of us will spend some time in Perth, On.
So this was the perfect excuse to MAKE A QUILT. A hostess gift, no less.
Yes I do need a reason. ..........Most of the time.
So I resurrected a pattern entitled Stepping Stones. It was a kit, done originally in a batiks.

But this one I decided to go for earth tones. It's a quick pattern. A FQ makes 3 blocks. I LOVE efficient patterns like this. 14 x 3 makes 42

I've enlarged it too. Originally 30 blocks I upped it, adding another 10 inches to its size.
I've put everything on my wall now.
I may still make it bigger.
I'd like this one to be a queen upon completion.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm ..... If I square it, I only need to find 2+ FQ