Friday, 30 September 2016

Time to Clean My Machines.... Among Other Things

Here's the finish on the Autumn Birch.

Then because I am REALLY between things with little motivation and I wanted to go back down and listen to the VOX recording I started yesterday. This time it's BEN HUR. I THINK I read it once and it is a far cry from the Charlton Heston movie !!

So what to do?
Clean the sewing machine(s)!
I'd been having some tension issues with my Janome. I'd been limping along adjusting the top tension. I'm fed up with the repair servicing. Like a lot of things, ($) it seems ONCE they touch it, the issues escalate. I can be so cavalier here because I came across a blog article on adjusting the tension.

I thought I'd give it a try. I don't think I can make it much worse.
SO I opening the "can of worms" and revealed.........oh the HORROR..........
( It can't be THAT long since I cleaned it???)


A little brushing and a pipe cleaner gave me this...

While I was in there... I tightened the tension screw. I WAS going to take the bobbin race out as I had before but the last time the repairman had to he tightened them down so hard I could budge anything. I know I don't have the proper screw drivers for this but....
Anyway I could still access the tension screw, right at the front of the lower edge of the race.
I did it incrementally and tested each time (real nuisance that) but finally got it to a point where, it's sewing a stable seam.  

Then I turned to the Juki

Oh Look..YELLOW!
Fabric or thread? Who knows. 

As this is a side mount I worked from the top and the side. 

Now this one is clean and ready to go......again.

I think I know what to ask for for Christmas this of those little vacuum cleaners. 

I guess I do a lot of sewing.............