Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Another Walnut Harvest

Hubby and I went for a walk this morning and found 8 nuts on the ground. Fortunately he loaned me his hat as a bag. Such an enabler!!

After cracking and shelling I added these to the residual solution. It was getting a little slimey but I hadn't read anywhere that said it rendered it useless. No smell, no mold means good to go for me!

I had considered for a few days re-dying the wool but decided enough was enough. (Besides, I had already begun rewinding the skeins into balls.)
So I chose new cloth.
I transferred all the shell pieces to a garment bag, hoping this might facilitate easier handling ( and less particulate matter on the cloth or in the wool. )

One unwashed metre of pima cotton I twisted tight, and soaked in water. The other metre I left loose and wet. Both were placed in the pot of walnut water after it had been reboiled for an hour. Now its sitting on the back porch where I'll leave it over night.