Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Autumn Birch - Day 1

After I spent the morning gardening, escorting hubby to Costco, (reining him in) and then cooking super (it has to simmer all day- Chili), I finally got down to the basement to start.
This is always daunting and the best way is to dive in. The worst thing that can happen is you waste some material.
These first few steps show BIG changes so enjoy. When I move to the minutiae some days it's hard to notice where I spent the 3 hours.

This piece will probably finish at 3ft x 2ft so I cut a piece of inter facing about 6 inches bigger all around. With a black marker I drew the registration lines I need to differentiate the regions of changing plant materials. Even when the lines are covered they show on the reverse as a reference......if you lose your way in the forest?

First a light coat of Krylon adhesive. ( I don't usually use it in such a large manner but there are a lot of pieces going down that I don't want to think about after they are placed.)

Over a pale yellow cloth of waste or cheap material ( another application of Krylon) I placed mosaic cuts of two materials. Squares were cut and stacked and after cutting, the colours were shuffled to aid with a random affect.

Strips of blue roughly filled the spaces. This is already looking rather abstract or modern......I've seen worse. I've certainly done worse. LOL

Next another light coat of spray.
From orange nylon random shapes were cut. I used nlyon because I generally dislike the feel and with this it will be completely buried. And I want to get rid of what I have. It adds a softening effect to the colours and blurs the edges.

Even the scraps are called into play here.

And last, a section of green nylon and a band of lime green cloth.
So the regions are roughly defined. (And glued down.)
Here I'm going to break from my usual pattern.
I've thought about this a lot and instead of starting at the top, which is usually the distant background, I'm going to start with the mid-ground area. The crowns of the trees are so full only the foreground is visible in this scene.