Saturday, 17 September 2016

Very Productive Day

( Did I ever mention I have this ScotsIrishEnglishProtestant  Work Ethic that drives me nuts?)
I've been between major projects for too long now.

Can't sit still for long!!

Started the day working on the Stepping Stones quilt. Its half done now. I'm happy with my design.

So to take a break I decided to FINALLY sort my scrap bag. I'm taking a couple of them to the workshop next month so it was a good reason to colour sort them. There isn't a bag for every colour though that may come in the future. For now there is one for Black, White and Grey, one for Brown, Tan and Gold, one for Red, Purple, Orange and Yellow, one for Blue and of course, one for Green. That should hold me for a while!

Then I turned back to my Walnut/Shibori style cloth.

I wasn't impressed with the delicate nature of the brown/pink colouring so I folded it into my RUST box with nails scattered in the folds. It only sat for a few hours, but the results were thrilling. So here it is, before and after.

This has been washed and dried. I don't think I'll be able to cut this piece, so I'll have to work on an idea to use the whole metre.

I spent the rest of the day working on that scrap bag, about three hours. Like a clown car the scraps just kept coming out. (I think at one point I had stood in the bag to compact it.) So now I have 5.

It was like a family reunion as I went down through the layers. I remember each and every quilt made from the fabrics. And of course the person who received it. 

Less is certainly more!