Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Making Birch Bark Cloth

My stock was getting low and to do the piece I've been thinking about I want some long pieces. So outside to the garage with a meter sq. of white cotton and black paint.

First up was to splatter paint the whole in black and then a lesser amount of orange. After this dried it was ironed to set the paint.

Second go around entailed wetting the fabric with a spray bottle and then spattering heavier blobs.
I let it set or partially dry for about five minutes . After standing the frame on its side I resprayed the cloth heavily in some areas, to encourage the paint to run.

Whole metre above and below, about 1/9th, the bottom left hand corner.

After it dried the whole piece was re-ironed. This is now permanent.
Now when this is cut vertically into strips, the dripping becomes the horizontal bands on the birch bark.