Sunday, 25 September 2016

Autumn Birch - Day 5

The brilliant yellow is bothering me too much so I need to deal with this area today.
I spent part of the night thinking on solutions so this morning I gave all of them a try.

From the top:

sliced fabric - not bad but heavy
Shredded cheesecloth - not bad but I have no yellow. Yes I could make some but this was so fragile.
Light cotton yarn - wound on a ruler  - nice behaviour, but I only have that colour
Light cotton yard + jute - this is better. The courser nature makes it easier to handle and it looks more natural.
Thread  - 2 colours - really dense.

They all have their merits. I ran these samples past hubby. He suggested pairing the last two.

I folded the coarse over the thread. I really like the density here.
( That's why I keep hubby.......and he cooks!)
But the proof is on the wall.

I think I found my method.
This will take a while. I had been using the wash away stabilizer to wrap the base, but I'm a little leery of washing it. I'll try netting before I go any further.