Saturday, 24 September 2016

Autumn Birch - Day 4

I decided last night IT WAS TIME to place the birch trees.
After a BRISK walk (my, the weather has changed) and a cup of coffee to warm my hands (and procrastinate making decisions), I doctored a piece of birch fabric for some shaded "dirty" looking specimens and cut up the remaining 4 old strips into trees of various girth.
Placing them was another matter.
After about half an hour of back and forth, this is where I left it.

I'm not happy......yet.

2:00 pm
The bottom of this piece was bothering me. The bright yellow was a little over powering, so I considered reducing it in size. At the base of the trees (still only pinned), I used a combination of wool roving, thread snips, and cheesecloth to move the ground forward.

I think how much yellow I retain is going to be a gut thing. I'll know where to cut it off.
In the mean time I stitched down ALL the trees.

I like the balance better now with more weight at the bottom.