Thursday, 22 September 2016

Autumn Birch - Day 2 - working on the centre background

It's important to start in the centre as this is the area into which you can see the farthest. The crowns are too bushy and full and the bottom is grass.

I left off yesterday with patchwork and colour block. The ruffled orange nylon is where I'm going to concentrate today.

I want dark olive at the very back. I liked this scrap but its a commercial fabric so it only has colour on one side.

I use a pinking rotary cutter and make pieces about 1 cm or less in size. A light spray of krylon to the elevated loops of the nylon and the piece are placed one by one with tweezers.

The rest of the fabric I used today was batik. That really speeds up this process.

Two more shades of olive and light brown.

Some of the pieces are sprinkled up into the crown. There needs to be some shadow within.

I keep a box of left over snippets and a light sprinkling with these came next. A lot were one sided commercial but contrast of colour was what was needed here.

Then this FQ. I used about half. I gave a light spray before I applied this, and it was literately tossed onto the surface to fall relatively freely. Then I gave the whole piece another light spray.

At this point, I applied a layer of netting over the whole piece. This flattened out all the materials and made the surface uniform. Between the glue and the net, I doubt anything will shift or escape.
So far no stitching.
Time today, one hour.

After a break of quilting the donation quilt on my frame I went back in. This time to finish the green.

As two of these were batik, it went very quickly. The foreground can wait.

It's time to start thinking about the placement of the trees.