Sunday, 25 September 2016

Autumn Birch - Day 5 Afternoon

The netting was much better to work with.
Here's how I made a group of different grasses.

Loosely wind one or more colours of yarn/thread around any thin material (ruler) that has some width.

Lay the ruler on a piece of netting cut wide enough to fold up and over one edge, effectively covering both sides of the edge.

Slide the ruler out. Pinching the edge over the netting, stitch close to the bottom edge, catching ALL of the loops.

Trim the loops opposite the stitch line at various intervals for an irregular look.

They were placed with some trial and error. Some I cut apart into smaller groupings. The addition of a few more pieces of cheesecloth in different shades of brown and green filled the empty space.

I added a few heavier pieces of dark wool for larger branches, cut about another FQ total of three different yellows,  and carefully dropped the remaining "leaves", each colour separately over the upper half of the trees.

As I did not use Krylon this time ( actually I forgot), I had to pin the bejesus out of this. There is a fresh layer of netting holding them in place and about 100 pins.
To morrow I spend much of the day stitching this down.