Thursday, 28 July 2016

Image Transfer - Part DUH

I wasn't finished yesterday.
Until I could transfer leaf shapes, it wasn't finished.
I thought maybe the elm leaves were too tough, but then I realized there just wasn't enough contact for the pigments to move.

So I tried my old friend "Flower Pounding"

And the light in this photo is different. It's more natural, not my basement florescents.
These are from the red Japanese maple in my yard. Some have oxidized to black immediately.
I don't know whether there is enough Alum in the cloth from yesterdays' cooking to fix the red, or whether the black is a reaction with the iron. There is lot of room here for playing and learning.

I'd like the background to be a warmer colour. I'll have to experiment with different dyed cloths or over dying or painting.
As for finishing this one?...........
I have just the material!