Saturday, 23 July 2016

Making The Lolly Pops LOOK LIKE TREES

I went to work on these, this afternoon. ( Only one day left of Le Tour )
I continued what I had begun yesterday, cutting hundreds of LEAVES using my pinking edged rotary cutter. You get to be pretty good at lining it up each time to get fresh pieces.

But I was unhappy with gluing on the bits.
To make sure they were well adhered I put the iron on one and didn't like how it flattened out to nothing.

So I decided to stitch around each leaf with a layer of netting over top!
It didn't look bad....or good. I put a piece of batting behind and tried again. Much better.

But the prospect of gluing all those piece in place was depressing. I had to find a simpler way.
Each piece had to be individually placed because dropping them didn't work to spread them or address the one side up only issue with some of the material. Hand placing them was the only way.

I tried covering one, after I'd placed the tiny pieces, with netting over which I'd streaked a glue stick. Yuck!
Then I tried spraying the netting with basting spray. Really messy to handle.
Finally I sprayed the lolly pop, BEFORE I place the leaves. When I covered it with the netting at the end and set it aside for about half an hour, it went through the sewing machine with no tackiness.

Starting my stitching in the centre went a long way to controlling the distortion in these small unhooped circles.

The netting was trimmed to the circle edge and will be tacked down when the circle is stitched to the backing.

Placed on the background, they do look less like lolly pops.
Not sure they look like trees yet!