Friday, 22 July 2016

Yellow Green " Lolly Pop " Trees

I don't want lolly pop trees but that's where I am!

I have yet to play with rearranging the crowns of the trees but I need to make them LOOK more like trees.

So I consider leaves.
They're already quite small, so the leaves need to be also.
Back to my pinking rotary cutter. ( This one is starting to get dull which is really annoying when you're counting on smooth complete cuts.

So here's one idea.

Using the same fabric, I cut a few dozen leaves.
Not bad, definitely more interest.

This one too, is...... ok.
But I wonder if that's because the fabrics are not solid.
Or if they're floating on top.

Is it more "natural" ( nothing is natural about a lollypop tree, who am I kidding ), if I mix the fabrics.
In a leap of faith (well they aren't very big but I hate wasting my time) I glued the bits to the circles trying to stay random and open ( I did consider filling the whole thing,.......but I thought I might end up burning it if I tried that).
I put them back on the backing in what appears to be suitable place, as a trial. I needed to see them in place to decide whether to continue. 

Hmmmmmmmm............. it does have possibilities,............. but I think I need to see a bigger one.
This could take a while.
(Very meditative?)