Saturday, 2 July 2016

Garden Report - June 2016

Garden is looking good even if everything is a bit off schedule. We had a prolonged cold spell in May that really slowed everything.

The June roses are still opening and are looking lush. The spring bulbs weren't! I don't thik I'll replace them either. I split a couple of hosta for my Step daughter and the plants responded by being even bigger than before!
 I'll have to do a whole page on my hosta someday.

And my CLIVIA or Kaffir lily, inspite of being both frost bit and sun burned has done wonderfully.
Time to pour a glass of wine and enjoy. ( Hubby had the Tour de d France on this morning and now its soccer. I go out an listen to the birds ( well the grackles actually squabbling over the feed!)

The first 3 pictures were taken in were late May

Clivia sp.

Always standing guard