Sunday, 17 July 2016

Starting Something Green Of Course!

I'm always restless between projects. I fill the time with shopping, eating, gardening, eating, watching the Tour, eating etc. But I'm always happiest when my head is fully engaged with a piece of art!
I went on a lovely road trip yesterday with my Quilting friends, had a fun, refreshing time...... and BOUGHT some FABRIC. What a bargain, and what a fabric.

Luscious greens with gold flecks. ... I bought the rest of the bolt, 3 yds. There's a lot of mileage in this one.
I turned back to my files to find the image I wanted to interpret. As usual there isn't just one. So once again I'll be blending ideas.

This piece caught my eye a little while ago. It's actually ceramic tile,  but it is stamped all over with copyright warnings. Its very doable, but not really suitable for a green background. Too Christmasy!
However I love the tiles/snippets?

And there was this one that I've been sitting on for a few years. Sweet! Appliqued circles, at least a hundred. Hmmmmmmmmm
And a little more recent, this photograph.

I wrestled for a few days whether I wanted to do another heavy detailed forest scene right away. They are exhausting. So I thought I'd try something a little different, something a little more abstract. Now I have to say I'm not fond of abstract, because I often don't "get it", but I decided to take the plunge here.
I want to use the green, but its just a little grassy. I want something more broken up and sun struck.
So I took one of the 3 yards and cut it all into strips varying from one inch to 2.5 inches

......and after reversing every other one, I sewed them back together.

42 inch fabric is reduced to 36 inch fabric. I think that's a nice size ,36x44.
And I think this is now a much more interesting fabric, and a wonderful background for this new piece.