Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Time to Play

With all my commitments met and small pieces shipped it's time to go back to painting and dying.
I'm not a fan of dying primarily because of the required safety restrictions both for myself and the equipment necessary. This topic usually results in heated "discussions" with hubby who has become the uber expert on household and food Safety. (Making jam is no longer fun!)

I started to empty the garage where I like to paint and dye in the summer. The car is outside and the place is swept and the tables in place...BUT....the space was usurped this morning for beer making. There wasn't a cue for the space until I cleaned it!!

So I played with paint in the cool of the basement. (Peboe Seta Colour)
Just to get my hand back into it...

Greens........I've worked with them so much these past months so I know what colours I want.

 After I finished cutting up my bolt of pima cotton (I have another full one), I ended up with 7 generous metres and two big FQ.
The top FQ was primarily green first and then blobbed and streaked with yellow.
The second one I started with yellow and washed with green and then threw a generous handful of salt on the surface.. I like that visual texture.

Same colours ..... rather different but very useful!