Monday, 18 July 2016

Auditioning Fabric

Well before I finalize in my head the method, I decide on the fabric.
Batiks would be ideal, as both sides are the same and they can be used with less fuss. But yellow/gold is not a colour I normally stock.

Going through my stash this morning, these are the possibilities. Most are leftovers from the south western piece I made for my son a few years ago. Or they're part of a bundle, the part I didn't want or need at the time.

There needs to be a combination because trees are not one colour and fall displays have even more variations. Some of these fabrics are commercial, some are my painted pieces, some are batik or vat dyed.
Some are solids, some are textured, some are small prints.

The question becomes how much mixture do I want and how will I achieve the look I envision.

On the other hand, one fabric and variations created with thread painting or sketching is another way to go.
I cut nothing until all these decisions are made. ( And THAT can take a while!)

I tried a few thread styles on some possible fabrics. The left was a last minute decision of a gold "suede". I thought the texture might add somersetting but the thread sinks into the fabric and really doesn't show at its best. The right is mottled cotton with a touch of metallic flecks, in keeping with the background. The stitch size I need doesn't really work here either.

Back to the drawing board!
I played a bit with circles for the tree tops. One looked pathetic
and I almost through out the idea but I cut out a few more from different fabrics. Not bad. I did take a while to warm to this. But the colour is wrong. The yellows and golds are washed out compared to the green.

I COULD go to the shop down the street and see waht fabric they had to tempt me
I could paint my own .......................................

Now I have a fabric that will stand up to the green. 

Not bad for a day's work.