Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Working While You're Brain Dead

After finishing  the Woodlot, my piece for the IPM next month, I had reached the point where all my commitments were done.
It takes a few days to shift gears from fully focused to "what do I want to do now?".
My usual thing is to fall back to making "repeats" . These are a redoing of items that have sold. These are usually small pieces that in someway are unique and represent Canada and BC.

A no-brainer was a mechanical exercise using the tattoos of a bear and a ram. They were simple and don't require much more than keeping the satin stitching I use to anchor the cut out in a perfect smooth line. I finished 4 today.

They do have a certain charm and are simple.

Then I hauled out the two bears I had thread painted for demonstration.

They cut away very cleanly. So how to use them.
The original use for the one on the right had been this.

But this time it was a little boring. So I thought "white water"?

Hummmmmmmmmmm maybe I could do a polar bear?

Next I went hunting through my collection of FQ looking for more interesting water.
Now this is much more appealing.

So that's the direction I'll head tomorrow.