Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Yellow and Green - Forest Scene

In this case, more is better.
I decided I needed to make "plenty circles" of various sizes before I would have a clear view of where this was going.

The first things was to make templates. I used a file folder and made 5 different sized circles, ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches.

There are many ways to make appliqued circles and I've probably tried them all. Some work better under different circumstances. I knew I didn't want turned appl., that would take forever. I'd made reverse appl. as well but this was not the place as the background was bulky. Sewing two circles together and inverting them gives a nice edge, but as I was layering many circles, I was afraid the buildup on edge material would become cumbersome.

So I went with the tin foil method.
First, trace and cut the material about 1/4 inch bigger than the template all around.

Lay the material wrong side down on tin foil and place the template in the centre.
Roll up the edges of the tin foil and Iron.

After removing the material from the tin foil and the template from inside., run a line of glue (I use school glue sticks) all around the crease. Iron it down carefully using a pair of tweezers to position the fold to get a nice round circle.

I just pinned them onto the background for a feel of what I can do with this. I think I will add more and different materials in small patterns.
Looking at this I'm feeling flowers instead of trees.
That would work also.
(Look how nice my new yellow fabric shows on the green!)

I don't know yet where this will go.