Thursday, 14 July 2016

Trying New Things

Need or want drives a lot of things and its no different for me.
I fell in love with this FQ of which I have half left.  Anthology Kaleidoscope Blue

None of my usual on line sources have it and its still just too miserable outside to start prowling the shops in my area. I would probably pay big bucks for this $$$$ I like it that much.

So the next best thing would be to duplicate it. Between paint and ink pencils I should be able to create something in the ball park.

So I tried to different fabrics. The left was cotton.
The right is a poly mix, (not really suitable but I wanted to try the colours on the blue to see if I could reduce the amount of colour needed).

The top pass is the ink pencils applied using Aloe Vera as the liquid medium. I had wanted to try this technique  for a while.
The colour was draw on with the pencils and then light washed with a small amount of Aloe Vera.
The second was paint mixed into the Aloe Vera and applied
The third was a wash of Aloe Vera and then paint applied
And the last was pure paint followed by a light water wash.

I cannot duplicate the white "blobs" in the fabric this way, I have read that Alcohol will move paint, but I also know that if I paint a fabric and then before heat treating it, blog it with water, the paint will move.
So there is still a lot to play with.
As the BrewMeister hasn't vacated my outdoor workplace yet, I'm stuck inside......maybe not such a bad thing in this heat.

I did a quick orange wash on my dull green fabric from previously, scrunched it to dry outside and then left it and watched the TOUR.
Not bad results. NOW it's interesting. I could add another wash but I'll wait on that for now.