Thursday, 10 September 2015

Coming back to Life

It's been a long, depressing exercise cleaning up after the flooding in my studio. The floor is 'dry' and the humidity down to 35%
I was fortunate to have 90% of my "stuff" in plastic totes and cases.
One series of FQ on a shelf was soaked but they washed fine and are waiting to be used.

The only thing I lost were all my records of what I had quilted for which customer. I didn't print the forms on the right? printer and didn't use water proof pens to fill in the data.
Who knew ?

But I spent the last week losing my self in this splendid quirky King size quilt. I worked long hours, played hard and had fun. I hid a few things in the quilting, but they'll eventually be found.

I think I'm BACK!
I have PLANS.

Here's today's baby!

This is a very folksy quilt and there happens to be a Chicken.
Well chickens lay eggs.

Eggs hatch?

And the chicks run all over. LOL
( Actually I forget how many I put in.........LOL)

September 19th...Binding finished and on my friends bed!